Social change.

Between al kinds of theatre, the Theatre for Social Change is the most effective method to make the audience question about actual problems.

One of the companies that use theatre in order to change audience's mentality is Mandala Theatre, company that brings on the stage one of the most common yet one with the most major impact problem present society is dealing with- refugees.

The action is set in a abandoned factory, sort of post-apocalyptic scenario, two teenagers who decide to take life in their own hands deceiving the power of authorities. They are dealing with powerful processes of consciousness, they are feeling lost, unwanted, alone. With a strong impact on the audience, Mandala Theatre company succeeded to make audience wonder about presented matter through quality of the performance and the artistry of transposing and compressing a complex problem into a well realized play.

The Workshop.

In the afternoon of that day, Mandala Theatre Company proposed us to take part in a workshop that proved to be one of the best realized workshop I took part in, a workshop that made me think twice about the presented matter, changing the way I see the society I live in.

The workshop started with an ingenious way of getting to know each other, a name game. We had to say our name on a specific rhythm, I realised that using rhythm is one of the most effective ways to remember names.

Then, we had to walk around in the room and make pairs. In those little groups we had to realise tableaus illustrating moments family members have to leave their home country, forced by circumstances and environment.

The most useful exercise I took part was the role play, we basically had to experience the terror of a war scenario. In that moment I realised that this exercise is the best method of putting myself in a given situation.

Along with the wrapping up, I realised that the theatre company did their job. Just then I realised that they changed my perspective of life!