Theatre is accessible for everyone, for all kinds of people. It can be perceived as a therapy, a way of learning and observing the world, a way of adapting to society.

The workshop.

The session started with in a normal manner with a game that encouraged us to learn something new, the sign language. Emma (the workshop leader of this session) taught us how to spell our names using sign language. It was a fun way of understanding that some people has special needs, not too different, but special.

After this activity, she told us to walk around in the space and make pairs, because this is the best way to learn, in groups of people supporting each other and sharing ideas and concepts between them. A great thing she did was to explain every exercise and it's outcomes, she practically taught us how to facilitate in a easy and effective way.

With different kind of activities meant to be suitable for people with all kind of disabilities, she helped us to understand the fact that theatre is accessible for everyone and it can be designed in a understandable manner.