Concerning the limits of the human body without stepping away from a fixed point.

  • It analyses the proportions of human body
  • It shifts as soon as we shift our weight
  • It is the first area of exploring and getting to know space in general or body in general or the connection between space and body. The body exploring the space.
  • Conclusions with the fact that body has a wider capacity to explore space backward rather than backwards.
  • This geometry is the base/ the supporting structure of the human personal interactions, it defines personal territory, personal area of movement.
  • ANTHONY GORMELY- ‘Model’ at the White Cube created a series of work using cubic objects symbolising human shapes in its own territory. He used banal forms to suggest this simple yet undiscussed matter. “investigates our experience of architecture through the body and of the body through architecture”
  • The most important point that this matter makes is the fact that discusses the experience with the notion of centre.
  • My opinion- this invisible thing can be considered our micro universe due to the fact that everything spins around this certain point, it is our point of reaction that we carry with us every day, everywhere. Yet, people forget how amazing the human body can be.
  • Architecture of the body, composition, movement, exploration. Anthony Gormley uses massive iron blocks in order to frame in a better way the architecture of the body, suggesting strict measures of an average body composition.
  • The notion of kinesphere is well known in dance practice, and it can be used as an approach for different choreographies.
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  • It is also used in ballet.

Basic ballet movements. Source: