In the cover photo is the brilliant actress Zoe Rinaldi - photographed by me.

Hey Photographers!

I hope you're taking it easy! And I hope you don't beat yourselves up for not booking as many clients or not booking at all. It is tough! It is tough and all we can do now is to wait for better times to come.

Why don't you elevate your craft?

During the third lockdown, I found myself really interested in learning more about photoshop and elevate my technique. I came to the realisation that most photographers within my industry (headshots for actors) would flatten the client's face, brighten and get rid of all the texture and depth. And with that in mind, I decided that I wanted to elevate my approach and achieve the exact opposite. I wanted my client's pictures to be full of texture and depth, I wanted the viewer to almost be able to feel the texture of my client's skin, not to look at an anti-empathic sheet of bright, colourless paper. I wanted mystery, I wanted drama in the light and shadow, I wanted the viewers to immerse themselves in a thought process and get lost in it when looking at the pictures I take. I wanted them to not understand and work hard to figure out what's happening inside the subject's head - to gain interest. Invest time to think about your practice and improve on it; stay focused!

Elevate your craft, dear photographer! This is probably the best time to do so.

And while you're at it, do that detox mask you wanted to do for weeks - you probably won't have time for it when the bookings start pouring in again.