New country, new people, new mentality, language, weather, city, entourage, atmosphere, thoughts, frustrations. It was like a imminent tornado coming towards me. A tornado provoked and chose by me. It is my choice, my life, and overall my future. 

 I felt like I need a CHANGE in my life. I was tired of old romanian theatre industry, with the same actors, with new actors waiting for the old ones to retire (and in the best case they retire, usually they don't). I knew that I would be appreciated there and my path of becoming a good actor was going to be an easy one due to the fact that I was already working in a theatre and I was known in the industry. But, I CHOSE not to do that, I chose the tough way, I chose to develop my acting skills through hard work and experiencing life in all the possible ways, TO BECOME A GOOD ACTOR TROUGH LIVING, LEARNING, SENSING. Experiences are those things that makes us humans, actors are humans, actors are living on the stage, acting is life, it is not just mimesis , it is pure life, pure emotions.